Digi One SP has garbled output

We have a Digi One SP connected to a serial feed that provides 911 data (phone, address, lat/long) to our CAD system. It works great, but about once a week, the information that starts coming through the Digi device is garbled, and we have to physically unplug the device from power to reset it and make it work normally again.

For instance:
Good data: (123) 456-7890 01:23 06/01 1234 MAIN ST

Is this device bad or is there a setting to tweak or???

Sounds like a serial setting mis-match. Commonly, this is seen when something is changing the port settings (such as the baud rate).

If you are running a Windows environment, check the following:


If you are using the RealPort driver, make sure the serial port profile on the Digi One SP unit is configured as RealPort.

If these don’t pan out, you will want to compare the working configuration with the non-working (garbled) configuration in an effort to gather clues on what is changing by looking at the port settings on the Digi One SP. From the command line of the unit:

#> set line
#> set flow
#> display port