SPI communication offered on ccimx8mn-dvk board

I am currently using ccimx8mn-dvk for the firmware development phase. I am in need of SPI pins on the board, but I am unable to find any pins which can be extended on to a daughter board and then I can implement my functionality using SPI.

The SPI3 is going to CAN but , the IC would have to be removed, and there are chanced of the board getting shorted in the rework.

Would really appreciate ideas with which I can implement without major rework on the board.

unfortunately, it is correct:

  • None of the SPI buses are available on any connector of the ConnectCore 8M Nano Development Kit.

You’d have to remove U10 and use pins 10-13 of that chip. Alternatively, try using Smart IOmux tool https://hub.digi.com/support/products/system-on-modules/digi-connectcore-8m-nano/?path=/support/asset/digi-connectcore-smart-iomux-installer/
in conjunction with the module’s HRM pinout page ConnectCore 8M Nano System-on-Module Hardware Reference Manual
and see where else you can route SPI signals and what would you have to disable inorder to do so.