SPI on NS9215 read or chip select problem

Hi all,

i try to connect a ns9215 via spi to an enc28j60 ethernet controller.
Hardware works and i can see configuration bytes going out to the device. Looks great. But the last transfer is a write_read opearation on spi. The enc28j60 driver writes out a register adress and the chip should response immediatelly with one byte. The problem is, that the spi driver deassert the cs line. So i can see the beginning of the chip response, but with deasserting the cs line the answer fails.
After that (8ms) the spi driver asserts cs again, but does not write anything. That seems to me that the read write operation was just separated in two parts, were they should be directly behind each other. We use DEL4.2. Any ideas?
Thanks and Regards

Problem solved.
The problem seems to be in the spi controller of the ns9215, which is switching the CS for EVERY byte. We let the CS be a normal gpio and leave the control at the driver and it works fine.