SPI Problems

Processor: NS7520, NetOS 6.2, System: UNC20 Qestion 1: As soon as I activate the SPI driver instead of the UART driver in bsp.h, all configuration data of the GPIO Port gets deleted (Port Reg is 0x000000ff). (Everything works fine with the UART driver, and yes I’m using a correct SPI configuration when enabling the SPI driver.) A workaround is to reconfigure the port in “root.c”. But does anybody know why this happens ? Question 2: For my application I need to set GPIO-Pins during SPI transfers. One pin has to be set to 0 after some bits of the transfered byte had been sent. I couldn’t find out yet in which files of NetOS I could add the code which does control the GPIO pin. I guess it somewhere in the SPI-driver code… Does anybody know where I have to add code?