SR9150 and 93xx A/D board, won't read signals

SmartStar SR9150 and 93xx A/D board.
Dynamic C Premier Version 7.04P3.
Using the provided samples\smrstar\sstarad3.c, get error:
“Cannot make coefficients for channel 0”

samples\smrstar\sstarad2.c shows 4095 for varying input current signals on all channels:

Please enter ADC board slot position, 0 thru 6…Slot 0 chosen.

1 to display raw data only
2 to display voltage only
3 to display both

CH 0 is 0.00377 V from raw data 4095

I guess it shows 4095 on all channels because the coefficients are not set up, but I can’t set them up as shown above.

Any ideas?