Stand Alone XBee Send Data Upon Wake from Sleep (Pin Hibernate)

I have two XBee Pro S1 modules configured to talk to one another. The coordinator is connected to a single board computer, which acts as a gateway. The end-device (E.D.) is stand-alone in that it’s only connected to a SparkFun XBee Explorer USB ( I’ve successfully gotten the E.D. configured with pin hibernate.

My goal is to power the E.D. using only a lithium polymer battery and mount it to a door. A reed switch will tell the XBee hibernation pin to wake up or goto sleep. When the reed switch is closed, ie. the door is opened, I’d like the E.D. to immediately send a message/data/signal to the coordinator on the gateway. The gateway will keep watch for this message/data/signal and, if detected, run a script to send an email alert that the door was opened.

So, my question is, how can I tell from the coordinator that the E.D. has come out of hibernation? I’m assuming the best way is to simply have the E.D. send a message/data/signal once it has come out of hibernation, but I’m unaware of how to do that.

Suggestions very welcome. Thanks in advance!

I would enable an ADC line and have the module send data once every 50 ms. This way you get ADC samples while the module is awake.

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That sounds like a do-able idea! Thank you.

What about just using a digital input? It sounds like if you enable data sampling (IR = 0x14 for 50Hz), it will sample all inputs, including DIO and ADC. So, if I simply hardwire a DI to 3.3V, it’ll read as a 1 in the listening script.

DI is UART input. It is NOT a line that is going to be touched by IR. Now if you mean DIO 1 then yes.