How to set up Pin Hibernate!

Hi to everyone!
This is not my first post about xbeeS2 sleep option,but i’m still struggling with my xbees module, and I cant continue my project.

I want to set one xbeeS2 module as end device in sleep mode SM=1 so that it sends to the coordinator (another XbeeS2) Rf packet only when my “window” gets opened (simulated by putting DTR on end device to ground).

This is what i do:
End Device: modem type XB24-ZB , firmware verision 29A7
DL,DH to that of my coordinator
Pullup resistor: 1FFF (i connect my dtr to pullup resistor)
ST=3E8; ( 1 second)
Coordinator : modem type XB24-ZB version 21A7
From what i set, I expected :

  • AT system power up the End Device should be in     sleep (since i set Pullup resistor on DTR to "1").
  • When my windows is opened (put dtr to ground ) I receive 1 RF packet (since IR=ST).
  • End Device goes to sleep again. 

This is what i get:

  • At power up in the Xctu Terminal of Coordinator I get some RF data .
  • After these packets the end device seems to go to sleep (no data in the XCTU terminal).
  • When I put dtr to ground I receive the right “1 packet” as I expected. I then put DTR to High (floating but connected to internal pull up so it is at “1” logic level)
  • After this packet the end device seems to sleep again but after some seconds RSSI of coordinator blinks and I get some packets in its terminal.
  • After these “some packets” it seems to go back in sleep but again after about 30 sec RSSI led on coordinator blinks and I receive RF data in XCTU.

Why my PIN hibernate doesnt work?
Why I get RF packets even if DTR is “high” (connected to pullup)? I dont want RF packet when DTR is High (thanks to pullup resistor).

Since I suspected my modems were damaged I test a simple chat and no problem, then I tried SM=0 and I get the correctly one packet at second in Xctu Terminal.

What i’m getting wrong ? Is it something related with SP,SN,SO,PO parameters? if yes please suggest me a right configuration! I also tested this configuration with xbeeS1 nodes with no problems .
Thanks a lot.

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Hi did you find a solution to this? I’m facing the same problem.

Enable the pull up resistor