xbee pin hibernate makes code not work

I let two xbees communicate with eachother using an arduino uno. To reduce power consumption, I want to use the pin hibernate function. So the controller decides by setting xbee pin 9 HIGH/LOW to let xbee sleep and awake. When setting the sleep mode on 1 (pin hibernate), my code doensn’t work anymore because the xbee’s are not receiving data anymore from each other. Even whithout using the sleep functionality. It’s only set on pin hibernation. When setting the sleep modus back on 0 (no sleep modus), the code works perfect again. What causes this problem?

Kind regards and thanks in advance!

First you need to use CTS flow control in determining when the radio is awake. Next, you need to have the DTR line connected on the Arduino boards which in most cases it is not. Hence, when you put the XBee in Pin sleep, the pin is not connected there for your processor will not drive it to wake the module.