Star configuration on AT transparent mode


sorry for my poor english.

How can I to configure in AT transparent mode some destinations adress to set a Star net?

for example:





My problem is that when I configure the destination adress in the COORDINATOR to the broadcast adress the NET become very very slowly. I have the Connect Port X4…

it is possible configure like the aforementioned example without API mode? another way? Maybe configuring the maximum hops?

thank you very much.


When using a mesh based product, when sending broadcast transmissions, some delay is required to allow the message to propagate throughout the network. This delay is what you are seeing. If you do not need routers to extend your range, I would suggest looking at the XBee 802.15.4 products instead. However if you do require routers, then you may want to adjust the delay slightly by adjusting the BH value.

Thank you for your instant reply!

yes, usually we don’t need to extend our range (maybe only 1 hop), because the coordinator can communicate directly with everyone…

so, a BH=1 (or BH=2) setting might to reduce the delay?

We want to use it in a eolic farm with Modbus protocol… I know the CPX4 modbus capacity, but we would like to try this alternative (I attach some pics with our system).

If everyone is going to be in range of the coordinator, then I would strongly urge you to use the XBee 802.15.4 products instead as they are very well suited for this type of application.

Yes, adjusting the BH parameter will help with the delay,. However it may not be enough depending on your polling rate.