Supported Modem with AnywhereUSB


We want to use anywhereUSB with ESX and connect an USB Modem to it.
In an other topic you talk about “a few reports of a “Best Data” brand 56USB-P modem working with the AnywhereUSB”.

Where can I get a list of compatible modems ?

Thanks in advance

That Best Data 56USB-P modem is the only USB modem that we’re aware of being compatible with the AnywhereUSB. Note that we have not tested it ourselves, but several customers have reported that it works.

Does someone use an other modem then the “Best Data 56USB-P” ?
For example did someone use the “Zyxel Omni 56k Plus” with AnywhereUSB ?

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t you’ve given the name of on modem !!!



Unfortunately I am not aware of anyone trying out the modem you mention. One other USB modem (besides the Best Data modem mentioned earlier) that we know works is our Rapidport.

We speculate that most any Hardware based USB modem would most likely work (a processor on the modem itself).


Thanks for the feedback. We will try and see… :slight_smile: