AnywhereUSB and TrendNet 560U modem

I have a setup where i need to install 3 usb modems (trendnet 560U - compatible with the AnyUSB).
When i’m installing the AnyUSB driver on one of my WinXP desktops or Windows 2003 server i can see that AnyUsb is connected but i don’t get the modem setup coming.
Even though the AnyUSB is connected the status LED is blinking green and usb ports leds are in running mode.
Any clues?


If the port lights on the front panel of the AnywhereUSB are roaming left-to-right, the AnywhereUSB is not connected to a PC. Did you click the Connect button in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility?

Well i have managed to connect the AnyUSB , but i have problem installing the USB Modem.
On Vmware VM (Windows 2003) at the end of the installation i get a blue screen.
When i setup the modem on a server with windows 2003 it’s ok.

yes it’s attached on AnyUsb

Actually i could not get the modem driver install yet because during the setup of the modem i’m get a blue screen (on physical desktop as well).

“When i setup the modem on a server with windows 2003 it’s ok.”

Is the modem attached to the AnywhereUSB in this scenario?

In the scenario with a (presumably) physical PC running Server 2003, with an AnywhereUSB and TrendNet 560U modem, I understand that you successfully installed the modem. Did you actually try to use it though? I’m asking because most modems are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB. In my experience, they modem will install fine but problems occur when you actually try to use the modems, i.e. to dial. I want to be sure this scenario is actually working in a physical environment before I begin troubleshooting it in a virtual environment.

Our support options regarding the use of USB modems with our AnywhereUSB are very limited since, as I mentioned, most USB modems are known to be incompatible.

I recommend either using our Digi Rapidport/4 modem if you need a multi-modem solution, or the Best Data 56USB-P modem if you need a single-modem solution. I can tell you with certainty that our Rapidport/4 is compatible with the AnywhereUSB. The 56USB-P has been reported as being compatible by several customers, but we have not tested it ourselves. If you end up trying it, please share the test results with us.