AnywhereUSB - Blue Screen after plugging in SMS Modem


A device we plug into the AnywhereUSB causes the server to blue screen.


We have a server that is housed in a data centre. Mobile (cell) phone devices are not allowed to be switched on within the data centre.

We needed to install a USB SMS modem containing a mobile SIM card to send SMS notifications from the software installed on the server.

We purchased the AnywhereUSB device to allow the SMS modem the be geographically located on a different site.


Server O/S: Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2
Server Hardware: DL360 G5
AnywhereUSB drivers: 40002670_B (readme says 2.51)


The AnywhereUSB is detected correctly by the server and works when an external HD was plugged in for testing.

The SMS modem drivers install successfully on the server.

When the SMS modem is plugged into the AnywhereUSB device, the new hardware wizard appears and then if you continue with detecting the device automatically the server blue screens.

Any help with trying to identify why the system blue screens would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Use this version of the AnywhereUSB driver instead and let me know if you still get a blue screen.

32-bit version (for a 32-bit Operating System):

64-bit version (for a 64-bit Operating System):


Thats done the trick,

Many thanks for your help

Considering that most modems aren’t compatible with the AnywhereUSB, can you give me information about that modem, so I can document that it reportedly works? What is the make/model?