USB Anywhere - multiple modems problem

Hi there,
I have USB Anywhere (serial number SW841F649D, boot code v1.5.0002, firmware v2.30.0005) running with drivers. To this device I’m connecting 4 modems of the same type. They are recognized by Windows, drivers installed, no exclamation mark shown, general tab on the properties window shows that it is working properly.
The problem is I can’t connect to the modems - it says “The port that the modem is attached could not be opened. This may be the results of a hardware conflict. Check the device manager to verify all devices are funtional.”
The problem occurs on a non regular basis on all modems, sometimes none of them are working.
There are times that all modems are responsible, but after a couple of minutes they became unresponsive one after another.
The only way I can get them back to work is to disable “AnywhereUSB Host Controller” devices and enable them. But this does not work everytime :frowning: System reboot or USB Anywhere reboot does not help.

When I connect just one modem everything is fine (does not matter which port or modem device), but 2 and more cause problems depicted above.

It seems similar to a problem discussed here,4781#14903 just I already have the newest drivers.
Any idea how to solve this? Thank you

Most USB modems are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB.

What kind of USB modems are you trying to use?

Hmmm that’s not a good news …
I have Falcom Samba 55 modems. It’s just strange that having only one modem is fine.

Do you know which Modems work with AnywhereUSB?

I purchased a HIRO and havn’t had any luck.


Do all 4 modems have unique COM port numbers?

Yes they have, I even tried to reasign the com ports to other then automatically setup by windows.

Based on the symptoms you’ve described, this sounds typical. From what we’ve been told, modems may install when connected to an AnywhereUSB, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will “work”. Or they may not install at all.

If you must use multiple modems with an AnywhereUSB, our first recommendation is to use a Digi Rapidport/4, which is essentially “4 modems in a box”. There’s a single USB connection to the PC (or AnywhereUSB). That is definitely compatible with the AnywhereUSB.

Besides that, you could try the Best Data 56USB-P. Several customers have reported that it’s compatible with the AnywhereUSB. Note that we have not tested this ourself.

Or, you could use 4 serial modems, connected to a 4-port USB-to-serial converter, such as our Edgeport/4, which would connect to the AnywhereUSB. Granted, at this point, it might just be easier to use a 4-port Digi PortServer (serial-over-IP) with 4 serial modems.

In summary, I’m sorry to say that there’s probably nothing we’ll be able to do to get the modems you have now working with the AnywhereUSB. Trying different modem drivers, if you haven’t already, is the only other suggestion.

Well … I’m not amused :wink:

As those modems are for GSM network Rapidport (or any other serial modem for PSTN networks) is not an option. I will try to connect my modems to an USB hub attached to one of the AnywhereUSB ports.
Thanks for assistance.

> Granted, at this point, it might just be easier to
> o use a 4-port Digi PortServer (serial-over-IP) with
> 4 serial modems.

Do you KNOW that this works? At this point, I’m pretty leery of anything modem-centric. Does a PortServer support multiple USRs (or whatever) for faxing?

Considering I’m with the USB support group, I don’t know for sure if that works. But I’m confident that it does because “serial is serial”. I recommend contacting Digi sales, for the PortServer product line, to get this question answered for sure.

See this Knowledge Base article: