SW_CONFx Switches

Hi All,

Has anyone tried using the SW_CONFx on the connectCore9P module?

The settings on these switches at reset should be reflected in the processor GENID register at (0xA0900210). I have tried this out and it seems to basically work, except that there seem to be 4 switch settings (out of a possible 16), that cause the processor to crash during the boot process. The LEDS seem to indicate a 6-6-2 error code. If it is run under the jtag debugger it seems to work OK.

I just wondered if anyone had any more info on these switches and how they can be used?



It would be my guess that you only loaded the image.bin file. One of the responsibilities of the bootloader (rom.bin) file is to initialize the GPIO pins and other initializations. When executing an application from RAM via debugger, these initializations are taken care of by the application rather than the bootloader. By loading only the image file, you are relying on how the bootloader was programmed to set these initializations.

You need to load a new rom.bin when:
• Chip Select (CS) has changed.
• GPIO settings have changed.
• Boot loader code has been modified.
• Older rom.bin already in flash (i.e. 7.3 rom.bin / image.bin, and now you want to update with 7.4 image.bin)

Try loading your rom.bin file first, then your image.bin file.