sys_hw_init not returning

I recently tried reflashing a Programmable XBee-PRO 900HP with the 10K (vs 200K) firmware. The unit now appears to be “bricked” insofar as the sys_hw_init() call never returns (when I debug the bootloader). I’ve tried everything I can think of to get it to respond but I get nothing. Any ideas or do I need to send this thing back?

I am having a similar problem in that it takes my setup (200K 8075 firmware, same platform) about 60 seconds to return from sys_hw_init() before proceeding to the next initialization function.

sys_xbee_init() and sys_app_banner are fine.

I’ve noticed when I run other sample projects, they do not take long. I am also getting garbage in my serial port whenever attempting to follow along with my printf statements during debug execution. I don’t get this garbage when using builds from the SDK example projects.