TCP/IP over digimesh


We are using XBee/XBee-PRO SX RF Module which is the Digimesh network. We are running on Linux, and using xbee_ansic_library to interface with XBee SX RF Module. We successfully talk to other devices through the DigiMesh network.

We would like to plug digimesh “driver” code into TCP/IP stack (of Linux). In this way, the communication is easier for user software because it is purely based on IP (or TCP/UDP).
I did some research, but haven’t found any solution yet.

  1. It seems Linux supports 6LoWPAN + IEEE802.15.4. Package format wise, is IEEE802.15.4 the same as DigiMesh? Can we use the IEEE802.15.4 Linux driver and network stack instead of implementing our own driver? This way avoids letting us implement digimesh network driver by just use the existing 6LoWPAN + IEEE802.15.4 driver and network stack in Linux.

  2. If “1” is not possible, do we need to implement our own digimesh linux network driver (similar to ppp/slip driver)?


DigiMesh is a modified version of 802.15.4. Digi took this IEEE 802.15.4 standard protocol as base to develop their own proprietary mesh networking protocol termed as ‘DigiMesh’.


Thanks for your reply.

It seems two layers related to IEEE802.15.4 have to be involved:

  1. IEEE802.15.4 network layer:
  2. IEEE802.15.4 device driver layer:

For 1 (the network layer), can I reuse the existing IEEE802.15.4 network layer in Linux? Or I need to create a new DigiMesh network layer based on the IEEE802.15.4? e.g. modify header/packet format etc.

For 2 (the device driver), I don’t see any driver for xbee or DigiMesh product. So, I guess I need to write one device driver myself? Do you have Linux device driver on your side? Also, it seems all the existing device use SPI interface, except for ATUSB IEEE 802.15.4 dongle which uses USB.