TCP/IP Stack Startup in NetOS4

Hello,I have two questions about the TCP/IP stack and I have not found the answers anywhere: 1. DHCP/ARP timeout After the DHCP ACK has been received, the stack checks for an other device with the same IP address. The ARP request seems to have a timeout of 15 sec. Can I change that value (esp. make it smaller)? 2. DHCP startup When receiving some multicasts (~20/s) during DHCP startup, the stack does not seem to be able to transmit its DHCP Discover request (nor any following DHCP messages). When after a few seconds no more multicasts are on the Ethernet, the stack still does not start up and remains uninitialized. What’s wrong here? Thanks, Gordian

For the first issue, you can’t change it since you don’t have the source code for it. As for the second issue, we are aware of it and hence working on it to resolve.