teminated normally

my board now have no flash , the program go to the bsproot.c "DDIFirstLevelInitialize(); ",and then show"teminated normally"in the bottom,and redownload the program. why? tks

f I understand correctly, you would want to learn how the process should be to update the flash content in case of a blank flash or corrupted flash. In our designs we suggest to have a flash switch mainly for the case when garbage in is flash. If the processor executes it, it can get into a state where you cannot get control of it, even with the ICE. In the case of a blank flash, the CPU executes an instruction of all 0xffffffff, the instruction is interpreted as a NOP and the processor does nothing. However, it does increment the PC and execute the next instruction, which in the case of a blank flash will also be 0xffffffff. At power up, CS0 will be mapped to the lower part of memory. However, it won’t be mapped to all of memory. There are some addresses that will be unmapped, and others that will map to ASIC registers. It’s hard to say what will happen when the CPU executes them. I think you’ll probably get a bus error when you try to execute from memory that isn’t there and vector to the Abort Fetch handler which will be back in flash. Now in your case, you should follow the below: 1)Power off the board 2) Set the flash off. 3) Power on the board. 4) Load Ram based ftp server to the board. 5) Before downloading the image, put a break point in applicationStart() in root.c 6) After the image is downloaded, program execution will stop at applicationStart(). 7) Set the flash on. 8) Continue executing the naftpapp example application. 9) Open the Windows FTP Download Utility (ftpdl.exe) 10) Download the firmware update - the rom image. Do a reboot and you should see that the board should come up just fine.