TFTPD64 doesnt work on Win10 (for me) - DigiConnectME9210 NET+OS Recovery

I always used tftpd64 in my virtual win7 machine to recovery my digi modules. But if I try it on my Win10 pc, tftpd do nothing. I configured tftpd exactly like the one in my win7 machine but it doenst work.

I put the tftp folder on C:\ “not working” on Desktop “not working” on D:\ “not working”, start as admin “not working”…

works for me on Windows 10 and Windows 11 so must be some system setting for you. Make sure you run it as administrator and download a recent version.

Ok thanks, that is very strange. I think I already use the newest version but the download link is offline on the official page: TFTPD64 : an opensource IPv6 ready TFTP server/service for windows : TFTP server

Can u post your settings for tftpd? Maybe I make a mistake.

what exactly does not work? DHCP? Bootp? I suspect the Windows firewall is blocking tftpd64. Try disabling the firewall and see if it starts working. If so create a new firewall rule allowing traffic to and from tftpd64

I try to send the recovery image to the digi connect me9210 module.
DHCP is not working, I see no logs. tftpd is already inside the windows firewall rule.

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with TFTPD64 on Windows 10. TFTPD64 is a popular open-source TFTP server that is used for various network-related tasks, including firmware updates and network recovery operations. In this case, you are trying to use TFTPD64 to recover a DigiConnectME9210 device running NET+OS firmware. Here are some possible reasons why TFTPD64 may not be working for you and some potential solutions:

Firewall or Antivirus Software:

Firewall or antivirus software can sometimes interfere with the operation of TFTP servers. Check to make sure that your firewall or antivirus software is not blocking the traffic between the DigiConnectME9210 and the TFTPD64 server. You may need to add an exception or disable the firewall temporarily while performing the recovery operation.

Permissions and User Account Control:

If you are running TFTPD64 on Windows 10, you may need to ensure that you have the correct permissions and user account control settings. Try running TFTPD64 as an administrator or disabling User Account Control (UAC) temporarily while performing the recovery operation.

Network Connectivity:

Make sure that your DigiConnectME9210 device is properly connected to the network and can communicate with the TFTPD64 server. Check that the IP address and subnet mask settings on the device are correct and that there are no issues with the network switch or router.

Configuration and Settings:

Make sure that you have configured TFTPD64 correctly and that the settings are compatible with the DigiConnectME9210 device. Check that the server settings such as the IP address, subnet mask, and DHCP options are set correctly. Ensure that you are using the correct firmware image and that it is located in the correct directory on the server.

Compatibility Issues:

In some cases, there may be compatibility issues between TFTPD64 and Windows 10. Try using an alternative TFTP server software such as SolarWinds TFTP server or WinAgents TFTP server to see if this resolves the issue.


Overall, TFTPD64 is a useful tool for various network-related tasks, including firmware updates and network recovery operations. However, if TFTPD64 is not working for you on Windows 10, there are several potential causes and solutions to consider. By checking your firewall and antivirus settings, ensuring proper network connectivity and device settings, configuring TFTPD64 correctly, and considering alternative TFTP server software, you can increase your chances of successfully recovering your DigiConnectME9210 device using TFTPD64.