the application changes the sensor config

Hello ,

I’m noticing that every time I’m running the application made with the digi-esp-for-python , some values on the sensors are changed :s . DH/DL are wiped ; IR and SP are changed.

Here the diff

$ diff


< [A]DH=13A200
< [A]DL=40BA6006

> [A]DH=0
> [A]DL=0

< [A]IR=3E8


< [A]SP=32

> [A]SP=64

My app uses:

Force DH and DL values for xbee devices=false
Network refresh rate for DH DL values=config

Can please somebody explain this behaviour and suggest how to prevent it?

Thanks a million

Yea don’t use the DIA. You declare specific functions in the YML file which over writes any settings you may have manually set on the module.