the coordinator does not send a transmit status message

Hi, I have two xbees, one configured as a coordinator and the other as a router. I am sending an API frame from my microcontroller via SPI to the router, I can see in XCTU that I am receiving the message correctly on the coordinator but unfortunately there is no transmit status frame send by the coordinator even though the message I am sending has a frame id !=0.

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If you are sending 0xFF’s to read the SPI port, then you need to send an email to Digi support or crate a case with Digi Support.

yes, i am sending 0xFF to read the SPI port. I have contacted digi support by they didn’t answer. They replied and asked me to send the profiles of my Xbee in order to recreate the problem and after that i didn’t hear from them. i have sent multiple mails to ask them on the progress but they didn’t answer.

In an IEEE 802.15. 4 network, an FFD device can take three different roles: coordinator, PAN coordinator, and device. A coordinator is an FFD device that is capable of relaying messages. If the coordinator is also the principal controller of a personal area network (PAN), it is called a PAN coordinator.