The rtc doesn't keep the date time on wi-imx53 jsk lx

I am using the wi-imx53 jsk linux board.
I set the date and time wiht the ‘date’ command, and I do ‘hwclock -w’, and then I do ‘hwclock -r’ to read the date/time, this works fine. I want to preserve the date and time but When I remove the power suply the date and time are reset, but when I do a reboot the date and time is preserved. I enable the coin-cell with the jumper 3. The power supply that I am using is the VChRG.

I read thet this board have a bug with the da9053 here:

How can I resolve this?

My recommendation is to use an external RTC device. In the latest version of the JSCCWMX53 we have removed the Coincell and we have added the RTC device EM3027.