The sleep mode does not work: XBee + Arduino shield + Arduino


Could anyone help me with the following problem?

I have XBee S2 that is connected with Arduino Uno via Xbee shield. XBee is configured as Router/End device AT. Arduino Uno has several sensors and it reports values from them in some time period via XBee to another board.

When I installed the device, it worked well but now I need to move my device (Arduino+XBee) to the Sleep state. So I configured XBee with the following options (via X-CTU) as it is proposed in several threads: SM=1, D7=0.
When I started the device again, I realized that now XBee does not translate information (even if I don’t move it to the sleep state in the Arduino scketch). It seems that there is no power on the Arduino shield (or?).

Does anyone have the same problem? Any solutions or proposals?

Thanks in advance!

This issue is a result of your shield not having the proper lines connected between the radio and the Arduino. You need to connect the DTR lines via a level shifter to the arduino and then program the arduino to control that line in order to wake and sleep the module.