Three-way XBee communication - feasibility question

Hi all

This is a quick question aimed at understanding the feasibility of a project I have in mind.

Part 1
I hope to buy 3 XBee modules, and then establish 3 way communication between three computers running hyper terminal (or equivalent). One XBee will be a coordinator, the other two routers.

If the computers are called A,B and C, is it possible to send a message from A to B (but not C), A to C (but not B) and A to both B&C? And similarly from B to A, B to C etc etc?

Part 2 (probably using arduinos)
Each module will periodically ping the other two to get the RSSI from A to B, A to C, B to A, B to C, etc etc.

Are the two scenarios described above feasibly/possible?

Many thanks

Yes the Addressing function will let any node talk to any other node within the network. As for RSSI, you would have to Query the DB command to get that.

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