Transmitting same frame repeatedly with XBee

I will connect my MCU with XBee using spi. I want to transmit same frame as many as possible in one second without waiting ack, and I don’t want to block MCU with continious spi transfer.

As example, mcu will send just one 0xABCD to xbee, xbee repeatedly transmit 0xABCD and MCU done another job, after one second MCU will send 0xFFAA to xbee, and after that xbee will start to transmitting 0xFFAA repeatedly.

Is it possible? I was able to do it with nrf24 module, but its transmitting power is low.


No, the XBee does not support that kind of function. think of it as being more of a cable. If you want to send data, then you must provided that data to the Xbee.

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