How to set wireless communication between two FPGA using XBee module through SPI

Am working on a project where have to set wireless communication between two FPGA by interfacing it with XBee modules.Have some doubts regarding this.
a)To establish communication between XC7a35tics324 which XBee module will be suitable to interface with the given FPGA so that i can configure using SPI?Also Is it possible to directly interface XBee with FPGA’s Pmod pins?
b)Is it possible to configure transmitter and receiver both side XBee through SPI, as it is mentioned that only slave XBee is configured using SPI and not master module?
c) Along with API frame , do i have to send MAC frame and other OSI layer frames also?
d) Also while sending frame format through SPI is there any time delay given between sending different frame information, or it has to be sent continuously, the way we send frame format while sending data through ethernet ?
e)When receiver Module will receive data along with other frame information sent by transmitter,while decoding it trough MISO , one has to separate data from frame structure or will receive only data through MISO?As while implementing ethernet protocol at receiver end we can get only data using data_out_rx and don’t have to separate it from rest frame structure, so is it same or will have to separate frame structure from payload data?

Your valuable feedback will be helpful.Will be waiting for early response.

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