fpga xbee interfacing

my final year project idea was to design and implement a time to digital converter in fpga and wirelessly transmitting this values to a remote PC.i’ve coded the program for tdc using verilog to fpga but i dont have any idea on how to interface fpga to xbee using spi interface or which xbee rf module to use?moreover i dont know how to wirelessly transmit these values to a remotePC using another xbee rf module and displaying the values on pc?im trying to transmit 19bit data along with checksum through spi to xbee in api packet and recieving the values with another xbee and to display only the values eliminating raw data…im new to digi forum so help me…

Which XBee modules are you working with? The SPI port on an XBee requires you to use Digi’s API structure.

i think that xbee pro s2c has the ability to communicate serially with fpga by spi port to receive the input tdc values and the output will goes to uart as a api packet and then tranmit it(as far as i understood logically)…sir!

What I am saying is that while it may be electrically possible, you still need to have the code correct for it to work. In this case, the XBee modules SPI port requires that ALL data going in and out to use Digi’s API for the XBee.

sry for the delay sir…do you mean we need to code the api packet format in fpga and then send through spi to xbee…am i right sir …?

Yes. If you want to use the SPI port of XBee connected directly to the SPI port of the FPGA, then you need to have the FPGA issue Digi’s XBee API frames and have it be able to understand them as well.