Transpant Mode Tutorial XBee S2C only does loopback


I am new to the XBee product and to wireless communication. To make a start, I obtained the Digi XBee S2C DigiMesh 2.4 Kit.

Working though the tutorial, I can not get the Transparent Mode to work as described in the tutorial. When I type a message in the console on XBEE_A, the characters are echoed straight back. Nothing is received by XBEE_B and there is no activity on the Rx/Tx LEDs on XBEE_B.

The same occurs when attempting to send a message from XBEE_B to XBEE_A. I have verified that the jumper is NOT in the loopback position and verified many times that the ID and CH settings are the same.

Moving to API mode, a message frame can be successfully sent from XBEE_A to XBEE_B under API Mode 1.

I have also updated the firmware on both devices and the behaviour is the same. It seems there is a missing configuration for Transparent Mode that is not revealed in the tutorial instructions.

Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.

What are the DL/DH and SL/SH values for each radio?

It should be as follows:

Radio A
DL - SL of Radio B
DH - SH of radio B

Radio B
DL - SL of radio A
DH - SH of radio A

Thanks. I realised my error not long after submitting the question! But then could not find the question to answer it myself.

I totally misread the instruction and had the Destination address for Radio A as Radio A! … Thereby forcing a local loopback.

Once I set these values correctly as you indicate above, it all worked as expected.

Thanks again.