Coordinator in Transparent mode receives its own data

I have a quick question which I’m unable to find documentation on in a
timely manner.

The XBP24C (4061) is set to Coordinator mode (CE=1) and API mode is set
to Transparent mode (AP=0). Whenever I send packet / data out (TX pin)
(testing using embedded console in XCTU) the data are echoed back to RX
ttl pin.

Is this standard behavior in such configuration? I feel like this is

Is there a way to change this behavior (do not echo TX data to RX?)?



Probably the DH and DL values on this modules are set to 0x00 values. This is alias address of Coordinator. So basically Coordinator is transmitting data to itself right now.

Please change these values to address of destination radio and you will not see this echo anymore.

Digi Technical Support