Xbee pro transparent mode

I have a pair of zigbee pro’s that I’m trying to set up as a serial line replacement. I set one up using X-CTU in Coordinator AT mode and one in either End Device AT or Router AT mode. In either configuration, I’m only able to send data one direction. When trying to send data from the Coordinator, it puts data out on the data out pin on the coordinator but not on the end device/router. I haven’t changed any other settings other than Pan-ID. How do I get a 2 way data connection? I can get data from the end device/router to the coordinator.


Problem solved-needed to set the DH and DL addresses. These things don’t exactly work out of the box…

No they don’t - and they cannot work out of the box.

It is the price of a Mesh, so no free lunch :slight_smile:

Older line-of-sight radio can work out of the box because they can just broadcast everything. But the mesh doesn’t handle broadcast well and ZigBee (especially) would NOT work out of the box even if broadcast was enabled.