Trouble with TS H MEI serial ports.


I am trying to use a Portserver TS H MEI to remotely access a generator protective relay ( Beckwith 3425). The goal is to utilize the company network and Realport from your average workstation and communicate with a relay at one of the company’s generating plants.

The relay in question has an RS232 comm port on the front of the chassis and I am trying to use the RJ45 - DB9 cable that came with the kit to go from Digi port 1 the relay. I am successful in communicating with the portserver itself but cannot get through to any of the serial ports to my field device. I am inclined to think I may not be using the proper port profile but as this is not my area of expertise, I am scratching my head. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Since you appear to be using RealPort, you will want to be sure and use the RealPort profile on your unit.

According to the link found on a quick Google search, turned up the following information and settings for the Relay:

Be sure you are changing the COM port to the port created by the driver in the software.

Hope this helps.