Trying to use DT address on XTend radio

I an trying to set the DT (destination address) on a pair of XTend radios. When I set the DT to something other thatn the default of FFFF, (same value on each of the radios, so that they will be in the same network), I can not establish communications between the radios. These are XTend-PKG models with firmware version 2060 on them. this firmware is showing as the latest version for this model.

Set the radio for user defined mode (Switches 5 and 6 both up) and then set the DT of one to match the MY of the other. Then swap again and set the DT of 2 to match the MY of 1.

Thanks. It is interesting that in the manual is says “DT Command is used to set/read the networking address of an RF modem. The modems utilize three filtration layers: Vendor ID Number (ATID), Channel (ATHP), and Destination Address (ATDT). The DT command assigns an address to a modem that enables it to communicate only with other modems having the same address. All modems that share the same DT parameter can communicate with each other.” So I would have thought that the DT should be ok being set to the same value on each radio.

That is also dependent on the MK or Network Mask.