TS16--TS3 unable to re-establish communications

I have an issue with my TS3/TS16 configuration. If, for some some reason, the remote end (TS3) loses power the server(IBM AIX connected via RAN) is unable to reestablish communications until the TS 16 is rebooted. If the TS3 is shut down normally or it is removed from the switch I do not seem to have this problem. Is there anything that can be done that will keep me from having to reboot the 16 if the power is interrupted?

It sounds like you have a serial bridge configured.

Depending on your configuration, once the TS3 has come back up, the connection will re-establish once data is transfered on the TS16 port.

yes it is set up for a bridge…but alass it will never reestablish communications w the TS3(not til it is rebooted)no matter what data I try to send on the port

You should contact Digi Technical Support regarding this behavior: