Twisted on ConnectPort X2?

I wonder, with a bit of porting effort would Twisted ( run on the ConnectPort? We’re using Twisted for a number of other projects - it is a beautiful framework for writing asynchronous networking apps in python.

The ConnectPort Documentation says that it provides Python 2.4.3, although without all standard modules. In addition, some standard modules have modified behavior.

Twisted has versions that will run on Python 2.4, but I didn’t see any info on required modules. On the other hand, if you’re enterprising enough to get Twisted into the box, you can also bundle up other required modules (See the Digi zb_serial_net script from the demo CD and all the modules they bundled in). As long as the code is all native Python (i.e., no C extensions), you should be OK. You might be a bit short on horsepower through…

Any success with Twisted on the ConnectPort?

Regarding python and what scripts we offer, the following link might be useful:

An even better link! The Digi Python mediawiki:

Note: The mediawiki is always evolving, check back frequently!

We didn’t pursue this further. Ended up just relaying our non-critical network traffic “back to base” with UDP … where of course we are using twisted. We might revisit Twisted on ConnectPort X2 in the future.