Two JumpStart Kits behave differently

We’ve purchased 2 Digi JumpStart Kits.

The first is an earlier revision of ConnectME.

The code I’ve written for the first ConnectME behaves differently than it does on our second ConnectME.

Do I focus my programming on the 2nd ConnectME revision, so that my code will work on both devices ?

Should I call Digi for an answer?

This forum doesn’t seem well attended.

oh my…Using ConnectME within NET Micro Framework, I need to use the blocking Socket.Connect() with a reduced timeout.

The only way to I can find to kill a blocking call to Connect() is to abort the thread it’s in.

In the earlier revision of ConnectME, I can put the Connect() call in a separate thread, and then Abort() the thread after a few seconds. That works fine.


In the newest revision of ConnectME, I can Abort() that thread only once. A second try causes ConnectME to hang on the Connect() call. I then need to reset the power to the Development board.


It’s just slightly possible that my coding was responsible for my problems. :slight_smile:

To simulate the condition where a remote ConnectME device was not available at its actual IP, I used a dummy IP at my client end. With both ConnectMEs connected to my router, I used an IP that was within I used Although that’s out of my router’s range, that IP seemed to cause the foul up with Socket.Connect(). It’s still within the “family” of IPs (

When I changed my dummy target IP to, my newer JumpStart Kit device began responding to my code as the older revision kit does.

Yes. My problem just might have been of my own making.
Let us not speak of this again. :slight_smile: