TX54 Losing Configuration settings after firmware downgrade

I have an annoying issue where a brand new Digi TX54-Single-Cellular is losing configuration settings after adding it to DIGI Remote Manager. The device comes with firmware We load a configuration file which has the apn’s to allow the cellular connection to DIGI Remote Manager. We add the TX54 to Remote Manager and add it to a grouping which is set for firmware The device is added successfully and shortly downgrades it firmware correctly. After that the device disconnects from remote manager. When we log in locally to the TX54, I see that the system configuration has been lost and has been factory reset. Any ideas on why the configuration we have set it DIGI remote manager gets discarded and reset?


Regarding the DAL Operating System that the TX54 runs, if you downgrade the firmware, the device is expected to be factory reset.

Is this device tied to (via a Tag or Group) any ‘Configurations’ in Digi Remote Manager?


The TX54 is tied to a configuration group which has a lower firmware version number Being tied into that group is what is triggering the firmware downgrade. What is strange about this entire scenario is that we recently introduced a newer configuration file with more apn’s and additional settings. This configuration file’s sole purpose is to enable minimum configuration settings to allow us to connect to DIGI Remote Manager. Once we add the device, we assign it to a configuration group which has many more settings applied to make it fully function at the site install location.

If I try the exact same scenario using our older base configuration file from 15 months ago, then the device does not lose connection to the DIGI Remote Manager after it downgrades the firmware and reboots. I do suspect that it might be something else we added into this newer config file, such as additional apn’s. I am currently reviewing the exact changes between the old file and the new file to see if I can guess as to what change might affect this behavior.

Does adding a device update the configuration settings before it detects a different firmware and starts the firmware install? Or vice versa, or just random timing?

Steps I am doing.

  1. On a default TX54 using firmware, load the local minimum configuration file.
  2. After it reboots, go into DIGI Remote Manager and add the device and assign it to a configuration group with firmware
  3. The device is automatically updated to the full configuration settings and downgrades its firmware.
  4. Connection is then lost. Locally connect to the device with admin credentials, and we see the configuration settings have been erased back to factory defaults.

Apologies for the delay in my reply.

Regarding step 4, at that time, does an affected device have Internet access? Can you ping google.com? Can you ping Digi RM at edp12.devicecloud.com? If you CAN ping edp12.devicecloud.com then it sounds like the issue is specifically about connectivity to Digi RM and my initial guess as to the cause of that issue would be that a digital certificate needs to be reset, you’d do that in Digi RM, within the details of the device in question, under Actions (look for something about resetting a certificate).

If this doesn’t help, email tech.support@digi.com to create a case so we can help you more promptly. Provide us with a link to this forum post for some context. We’d also likely ask for your Digi RM Customer ID and some sample Device IDs and it would be better to do that directly instead of this public forum.