CM32 firmware upgrade

I upgraded the firmware on my digi cm32 from v1.1.3 to v1.7.0.1 and the upgrade said it completed successfully and then reloaded. During this process it lost all of it’s configured (which were definitely saved). I have several other cm’s to upgrade and wondered if I should do incremental upgrades? Any ideas on what would have caused the configuration loss?

BTW - I like the Configuration Management that has been added to the more recent versions. = )

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to not have to console directly into every cm after the upgrades.



Jumping from such an early rev to the most recent would require factory defaulting and reconfiguring.

If your other CM’s have the same basic config, and they are all CM32’s? You could export the config on this unit and import it, or sections of it, to the other CM32’s.
–System admin->Config mgmt->Export/Import

Thanks for the feedback. I thought that might be the case but was kinda hoping not. Our cm’s are spread throughout our campus and I was hoping to not have to console in to each one. I guess I’ll get them updated and then keep them more current to not have to go through this again.