U-Boot not connecting to network

I have CC-IMX28 that I am unable to update kernel etc. via TFTP.

u-boot complains if the net cable is disconnected, but will not update nor give any response to ping command.

Once linux has booted network works correctly indicating the hardware is OK.

New u-boot project installed via USB recovery shows the same issue.

Has anyone any ideas?!


The problem was connecting to the network via a 10baseT hub. connecting via a 100baseT switch works correctly.

It appears that the speed negotiation is not working correctly in the u-boot driver.


Are you sure you have the latest uboot on device?
Create and build a default uboot project for ccwmx28 using latest DEL and flash onto module to see will it work with 10BaseT .

If you do not have this latest DEL go to http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/CC_i_MX28_Updates.htm
download 5.9.3 and run package manager to update to

I am using DEL A new default build of u-boot shows the same problem. Version U-Boot 2009.08 - DUB-

I see reference in knowledge base article on another u-boot issue that refers to DUB-1.6.4.x - are there updates available to fix these issues or do they all have to be hand patched?