UDP connection fails if SBC starts before computer

I have an application running on a PC that connects to the SBC (BL4S200) through Ethernet and communicates using UDP sockets.

Everything works great unless I start the SBC before the computer.

When the sbc is started first the messages from the client are not received by the SBC. An interesting thing is broadcast messages sent from the sbc reach the client application just fine.

Is there a status that I can check to determine if things are up and running correctly?
The start up code checks the ifpending(IF_DEFAULT) status and waits for IF_COMING_UP.

Also, If I just power cycle the SBC everything will start working. If I reboot the computer and do nothing to the SBC the problem does not get resolved.

placing a switch between the computer and the sbc will also fix the problem.

Wrong forum I’m afraid -doesn’t seem to be related to Netos or digi embedded products.