Unable to connect the ConnectPort X2D to the Device Cloud

In my project I’m using a Connect Port X2D, a Xbee PRO S2C as a coordinator and another one as router (connected to the sensor).
The system is working fine using the XCTU but now I want to use the Device Cloud to store the data collected by the sensor.
I’m able to find the device in the Device Discovery, access the browser using the IP and discover my network at “Xbee Network”, but in the device cloud the Device always seems to be disconnected. The device is updated with the newest firmware with default settings.
I’ve checked the following Troubleshooting:


And the problem is that I can’t ping any IP (not even google.com). I already followed every step of the troubleshooting but it didn’t work.
I also tried the tips in the following link:


With no results. Here’s my Event Logging:

+0 days 01:16:09 dcloud Device-initiated connection failed, return=-2
+0 days 01:16:09 dcloud Service Down - Can’t Connect.
+0 days 01:16:09 dcloud Will reconnect to server in 60 seconds.
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud Starting device-initiated connection.
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud Finding Service, URL=en://my.devicecloud.com
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud Trying TCP/SSL.
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud DNS resolution failed for my.devicecloud.com.
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud TCP/SSL failed.
+0 days 01:17:09 dcloud Connection to server failed, server=my.devicecloud.com

Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thanks in advance
Lucas Barzotto