unable to add gateway to xbee cloud kit app


i am using xbee x2e gateway for my project. i am facing the problem to add the gateway to xbee zigbee cloud app and it showing not connected in the device cloud? can you please suggest me how to connect the cloud.

In the digi device cloud click add the device and enter the MAC ID .
Make sure your device is connected to the internet .

If this is done properly then the device will be seen as connected in the device cloud as well .

You will want to ensure the port used to connect to the Device Cloud is not being blocked:


Additionally, if you are using the Device Cloud host name, make sure DNS is configured on your gateway:


*Note: The new device cloud name should be my.devicecloud.com as the login.etherios.com name is set to expire August 31.

Thnak you suggestion.
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