xbee zigbee device cloud error adding device

  1. I have added my connectPort X2 ZB Ethernet to the digi device cloud.

  2. Under the device management, i can see my connectport X2D connected.

  3. Then i log into xbee zigbee cloud device.

  4. When i try to add my connectPort X2D. It says
    Error adding device: The device 00000000-00000000-00409DFF-****** is already provisioned.

  5. I cant add my device and what does that mean by saying it has already provisioned? Any solutions?

The already provisioned error means it is already added to someone’s device cloud account.

For security reasons you cannot over this.

You should contact the company you purchased this from to see if they can delete it from their account.

Alternatively you can contact Digi technical support to do this for you but you will need to provide proof that the device is yours and in your possession and there may be a charge for this service.

Hi NicholasWilson,

This device is successfully added to the digi’s device cloud. When i try to add it to the xbee zigbee digi cloud, the error appears.
The device 00000000-00000000-00409DFF-****** is already provisioned.

I have also another connectport which i try adding to the digi’s device cloud but it says: Error: Device has already existed. Here then i am suspecting my excolleague has already use it on his account.

In any case how do I get technical support from digi since i do not find any emails from digi’s website and I am from Malaysia.