Adding IPD Router to iDigi

While attempting to add the unit to my Digi account, I continually get a pop-up message that

Failed to add one or more devices:
Device 00:40:9D:44:16:24 already exists.

The device is not attached to my account, at least not visibly.

Are you still seeing that error now? I checked both the developer and my servers and I don’t see it provisioned on either.

Apparently when I posted it was connected:

[i]I double checked - and the device is not provisioned there (I quick added, then removed it. If a device is allocated to someone’s account on the server, it fails the add I think). I then double checked, and found the device ID allocated under a test account, but never connected to the server. I removed the device from the server.

Hopefully now if you try to add the device to your account, it will go through.


Once I added, I received an error that configuring the device failed. (Screen attached, I hope).

I think this is a known issue as it happens with the X2 as well, but thought maybe it is worth noting that it is still present with X2e. Anyway, it is attached to my account now but will not connect.

Interesting, something must have happened to the device when Max removed it, as it was pointing to, but all the devices should be pointing to - it may have just been the special ESI firmware you got on your unit was defaulting to

In any case, I found it on, and re-directed it to and verified it’s now showing as connected. Try using it now and let us know if you’re still seing problems.

Also, on the screen shot you saw, that makes sense as the default configuration method (at least of right now) is telnet, and these devices don’t have telnet built into them.

When you add a device to the iDigi Developer Cloud, iDigi will try to reach out to that device and actually re-configure it’s iDigi connection settings. This is a “best attempt” to reconfigure the device, so if that attempt times out or iDigi can’t reconfig the Gateway for whatever reason you’ll get the error in your screenshot. In this case, I’m not sure if the iDigi re-config ability accomodates the X2E, since its still a beta product.

For now, a push of the X2E’s button will enable the local WebUI of the device, where you can then set the iDigi address at the bottom of the Network screen.