iDigi says my device already exists, but my device list is empty

I had my X4 showing up a month or so ago. I think I reset my password now my device list is empty. If I try to manually add the X4 or auto-discover it, iDigi always says that it already exists and won’t add it.

What to do…?


If you PM me your device ID I can take a look at the system and see if I can get it taken care of for you.


I am having this problem too. I have to ConnectPort X4 but your system will not send me my password (your server is having SMTP errors) and I created a new account but cannot re-add the same devices. I either need my old account password or remove these devices so that I can add them to my new account.

Resetting your password do not affect the account and the devices.
Maybe in this case if you try “Forgot Password” link, it will help.