URGENT !- Failed to Add one or more devices: Device Already exist


I am trying to add connect x4 gatway as a device in idigi but it says Failed to Add one or more devices: device already exist even though nothing appears in the device list.
NOTE: I had added and removed this device successfully earlier using another account ID of mine. I attempting to Add it again using the same account ID but facing this issue.

Please help…!

Thanks in advance.

That device still exists in another account. Royal pain, and no clues given to which account. Is worse if you loaned out the device to someone else who played with iDigi, as you’d not think of this.

You’ll probably have to call Digi tech support and ask them to remove that device from any account it is in.

(I think it would be nice - wishful thinking - to be able to use the device WEB UI to remove the device from iDigi.)

hello vhkatti. Please call Digi technical support if you have not already done so. They can help so that you can add the gateway to your account. I’m not sure if the ability to do this exists in the gateway’s web UI, but that would be nice!