Device found But IP is Wrong

I have an X4 gateway and I recently configured it with a static IP address. I had set up the X4 on my iDigi account with the IP from the DHCP server. I am trying to regain my connection through iDigi. If I delete the device and re-add it then it discovers the device with the correct IP address on my local network. When I add the X4 to my devices the IP gets changed back to the original IP that I had to begin with. I can not change the IP address manually so it will not connect. What am I doing wrong?


So you’re saying that it worked with DHCP but can’t connect with a static address?

Can you check to see if you’ve configured DNS on the device in addition to the network properties? If DNS isn’t configured when you change over to static, the device will not be able to resolve the name for the iDigi server.

You can check to see if DNS is working by taking a look at this page:

Configuring the DNS servers is under the networks tab I believe in the device’s web UI.


That corrected the problem. I went to the network tab then selected Advanced Network Settings. I entered the Static Primary DNS and the Static Secondary DNS.

This resolved the issue that I was having.

Thanks cpopp!