Unable to create a custom machine

I am trying to create a custom machine. Document “Customizing Platform Code in Digi Embedded Linux” speaks about this in chapter 6.3.
I have a 9210 dev board and i am following the procedure described in section 6.3. I just want to have a new name listed along with the other platform names when i open up the kernel config in DIGI ESP.

I can actually see the new name listed, i can select it and build the kernel fine. However when i load that kernel to the microprocessor it just will not boot up after extracting the kernel image.

Here are the steps i did

  1. edited the kconf file in /arch/arm/mach-ns9xxx/kconfig to add
    config MACH_TEST
    bool “Test microcontroller ME9210 Devboard”
    select MODULE_CME9210
    select BOARD_JSCME9210
    if (MACH_CME9210JS || MACH_TEST)
    to get the serial port configuration section

I created a new mach-test.c form mach-cme9210js.c in /arch/arm/mach-ns9xxx/
and edited the name of initialization function and updated the .init_machine to the new function.

  1. I added a line in /arch/arm/mach-ns9xxx/Makefile which says obj-$(CONFIG_MACH_TEST) += mach-test.o