Unable to do OTA update.


I have just found a strange issue with the OTA update.

I have a custom board with minimal connections. Schematic says pin 5 (RESET) is not connected.

When I try to do an OTA update as per the docs and example program, the app tries to reset the XBee but ends up shutting itself down completely. No chance for the bootloader menu. Completely off. No associated LED or anything.

I have seen it come back on after about 4 minutes of inactivity.

This does not happen on the development board. It goes directly to the bootloader menu.

Is there something I can do to make sure this does not happen? What is happening?

I need to be able to do OTA updates so I need to get to the bootloader while the chip is in the end product. It is next to impossible to disassemble the enclosure and access the board to upload firmware.



Sorry, I am from a different jargon-universe than you :slight_smile:

However, some of the older Digi modules do NOT correctly support OTA because the core-function fails to properly detect the activity and thus allows a lower-power RF mode to activate (to save battery life). This breaks the OTA and gives you grief.

Make sure any tests you are doing are on NEW XBee modules, as they have this issue solved. Any of your ‘old’ products may not be updateable via OTA - for example, a Digi Wall-Router.