OTA update custom electronics based on ATMega128RFA1


I have a network of nodes based on ATMega128RFA1 which talk to a connectport (X2 in the development setup). These nodes are our own design.

Communication goes perfectly using a connectport.

Now we want to be able to update the software of our ATMega128RFA1 using a connectport. We know we can perform an OTA update because we have used the examples atmel provided, so on the hardware level we are OK.

Can this be done? How can we create the required .ebl file?

kind regards,

Hi Armin,

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but it sounds like you are expecting the digi X2 to be able to update the firmware on the Atmel. This is not possible. The over-the-air update feature on the X2 pertains only to Digi zigbee devices, and even then when they are of compaible firmware types.