Unable to factory reset IX15

I have multiple IX15 gateways that are currently unusable. We have been performing network stress testing with around 40 endpoint nodes. When I try to execute any Xbee commands I get a “Xbee service currently unavailable” message. This persist through reboots. I have attempted to do a factory reset via the hardware button as well as the CLI command “system factory-erase” with no results. It doesn’t even cause the device to reboot.

What version of firmware is running on your XBee and on your IX15?

The IX15 firmware version is:

The connecting nodes are not Xbee devices. They are nordic SOCs.


What is the version of the firmware on the XBee that is inside of the IX15?

Are the Nortic device Sleeping end devices?

They are sleeping end devices. How do I check the xbee firmware version of the IX15? Right now I am unable to run any Xbee commands because it says “Xbee service unavailable”.

Well first thing first, the Coordinator (XBee inside of the IX15) only supports up to 15 end device children. Beyond this, you need to add additional parent routers to handle more end devices.

What I would suggest is first turning off all of your 3rd party end devices and power cycling the IX15. Then see if the XBee service comes back up or not. Make sure you are turning off any Python script before you reboot as well.